Fugue in Void

Fugue in Void was a very personal project for me. 
It is the embodyment and visualisation of emotions i felt, creative chaos i had and atmosphere i wanted to translate into virtual space. It is my very own story of creation. 
A creation of a universe with its own laws and rules. A universe so mysterious and incomprehensible, that every player can find a own subjective meaning in it. This universe is my mind.

The project took me over 6 months and is the result of my creative chaos.
It is my all and everything.

Fugue in Void at Exploration 2018 in Atlanta

Fugue in Void was part of the experimental indie games exhibition "Exploration" in Atlanta 2018.

"It's been 2 days since the opening of the show and people are still talking to me about how much fun they had. We had a great turnout and a wide variety of audience members. We had game developers, painters, writers, college professors, students, musicians and lawyers all there to see what you had to offer. There was a steady stream of people coming and going throughout the night and at some points had to so many people that there would be a small line to play the games. I'm very pleased with the way the night went, I had no troubles or worries during the show. Everyone was inspired, curious, and blown away with everything! I can't express how pleased I am it was a wonderful night."   

- Eric Lorenz (organizer, Head of Avantbeetle)


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