Brutalism: Prelude on Stone

Brutalism: Prelude on Stone was a rather small project under the theme "Forces". 
It is a small installation art exhibition set in brutal environment. You can freely explore a huge brutalist building. Here and there you are going to find art installations.
All the art installations deal with the elements and nature. With it comes a rich soundscape that plays perfectly together with the visuals. I wanted to depict a harsh contrast between the elements and brutalist architecture. In the future there is still going to be erosion from water, wind and other forces.

Brutalism: Prelude on Stone at Isle of Games in Iceland

"It was part games exhibition, part performance, part party. One part of the exhibition was a walking simulator arcade machine we built for the event.
Brutalism: Prelude on Stone was one of the games we ran on it. It worked super well and was a highlight for a lot of people."     
- Torfi Asgeirsson (one of the organizers)

Brutalism: Prelude on Stone at A Gallery in Atlanta

"A gallery inside a gallery inside a bar! Focusing on time based interactive art, avantBeetle is curating a show that revolves around the theme of virtual galleries. This casual exhibition will be a part of The Bakery's "Bakie's Kansas City", an art bar that welcomes all kinds of creatives to hang out and share ideas and a drink or two. This event will be going on all day, so pop by for an afternoon and get lost in virtual art galleries."     
- Eric Lorenz (avantBeetle)


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