Moshe Linke Studio

atmosphere architect


selected solo works 

Neon Entropy
(work in progress)

Neo Brutalism of Tomorrow

A monochromatic, virtual gallery where the space itself becomes the experience.

light, shadow and concrete

The Marble Guestbook

A virtual, interactive art installation I made in collaboration with Thomas Newlands for A Maze. 2019 in Berlin.

(limited event)

Fugue In Void

Experimental journey deep into a dystopian mind

Brutalism: Prelude on Stone

Virtual museumesque art space. Wander through a huge brutalist complex and discover installations in it.

The conflict between the elements and architecture. 

Wonders between Dunes

Travel through a lost world and explore huge monumental architecture. Stroll through the desert and walk deep inside the belly of an ancient megastructure. Feel the enormous weight of the city above you.

Living With The Moonoliths

Explore a lunar landscape with monolithic structures.  A meditative experience. 

The Search For The Green River

A very short, experimental walking simulator in which you explore the architectural content of a dream.

Based on a dream i had.

collaborative work

The Zium Museum

The Zium Museum is a virtual Museum filled with artwork and installations from over 30 artist from around the world.
I designed a building and the surrounding  environment for it.

The Zium Project was conceived, created and curated by Michael Berto

The Tower at Tortenna

Winner of DreamHack Jam 2017. My work: Architecture/environmental design.

A short First Person Exploration game where you pick your way amongst the ruins of a cloud-bound tower. Among the dust, secrets wait to be uncovered, ancient machines slumber, and a silent history hides in plain sight.


(environmental art/architecture)

An Online Multiplayer Culture Experience,  where the visitors can interact with games, digital art and other adventurous media.

This space invites you to a constantly fresh curated programme of live streamed talks, music performances, games and art exhibitions in collaboration with art institutions, festivals, thinkers and curators.