Moshe Linke

atmosphere architect


selected solo works 

Neon Entropy
(work in progress)

Neo Brutalism of Tomorrow

A monochromatic, virtual exhibition where the space itself becomes the experience. 

The Marble Guestbook

A virtual, interactive installation I made in collaboration with Thomas Newlands for A Maze. 2019 in Berlin.

(limited event)

Fugue In Void

Journey deep into a dystopian mind.

Brutalism: Prelude on Stone

The conflict and symbiosis between the elements and architecture. 

Wonders between Dunes

Travel through a deserted world and explore huge monumental architecture, deep inside the belly of an ancient megastructure. Feel the enormous weight of the city above you.

Living With The Moonoliths

Explore a lunar landscape and its monolithic structures.

The Search For The Green River

A very short, experimental project in which you explore the architectural content of a dream. 

collaborative work

The Zium Museum

The Zium Museum is a virtual Museum filled with artwork and installations from over 30 artist from around the world. 

The Tower at Tortenna

Winner of DreamHack Jam 2017. 

(My contribution: architecture/environmental design)

A short First Person Exploration game where you pick your way amongst the ruins of a cloud-bound tower. Among the dust, secrets wait to be uncovered, ancient machines slumber, and a silent history hides in plain sight.


(My contribution: environmental art/architecture/level design/VFX/post processing)

An Online Multiplayer Culture Experience,  where the visitors can interact with games, real-time media art and other adventurous endeavours.

This space invites you to a constantly fresh curated programme of live streamed talks, music performances, games and art exhibitions in collaboration with art institutions, festivals, thinkers and curators.