The Marble Guestbook

A Maze. 2019

The Marble Guestbook is a virtual, interactive art installation I made in collaboration with Thomas Newlands for A Maze. 2019 in Berlin. 

We exhibited the installation for the duration of A Maze. which ran from April 10th-13th. During the festival, visitors came by and wrote their personal message and name down. Their message would be stored in a marble and dropped into the installation. Marbles dropped in the installation stayed there until the end of the A Maze. Festival.

Visitors created over 500 unique marbles during the festival.

It was very interesting to see people interact with the installation. I took some notes: 
The fact that the personal message is exposed/projected on a big canvas maybe intimidating for some people during the interaction. Some people felt a feeling of pressure. Coming up with a clever text and writing it visible for everybody down. Other visitors watching from behind. It is an exposing and intimate interaction. Some people where very shy and just walked by several times, watching other people interact. People who come in groups tend to be less shy during interaction. It was almost like they had to perform. I made them perform and be the creator themselves.

- A successful experiment -