Who ?

My name is Moshe Linke. I am a solo indie game developer and freelance level designer/environmental artist based in
Hamburg, Germany.

My love for art and video games started very early. I always had that urge to create virtual worlds and after I played the wonderful game "NaissanceE"
I decided to teach myself game development. Soon I realised, that video games are the perfect medium for my art and passion for architecture.

In Hamburg I grew up with a lot of interesting architecture and that's what draws me to transport them into my work.

In the last few years I created a handful of small games, joined a little development team, that formed after winning the dreamhack jam 2017 TowerTeam and now i am one of the leading developers in the art-games scene.

2018 i released my first commercial game on steam. Fugue in Void.
It got a lot of attention from press and on social media.

I was part of many exhibitions around the globe and i have made it in the biannually WASD-Magazin.

2019 i was nominated for the 2nd Humble New Talent Award at A MAZE. in Berlin.

In late 2019 i have founded my first company "Moshe Linke Studio".

2020 - Working on Neon Entropy

What ?

I create small experimental indie games. Most of them focus heavily on neo-brutalist architecture and other more on contemporary art ideas. 
I like to explore abstract ideas in concrete ways.
All of them are immersive audio visual experiences. Sound and music is very important to me and I really pay attention to creating the right atmosphere in my environments. The focus of my games is around their exploratory elements. 

People love to explore and discover stuff in my worlds that challenge their expectations. I try to keep the experience simple and not distractive through text, that's why tell my story through my environment. A fusion between art and games.