Who ?

My name is Moshe Linke (before you ask, yes, that's my real name). I'm a solo indie game developer with a strong focus on creating atmospheric architectural experiences. Currently i am based in Hamburg, Germany.

My love for art and video games started very early in my life and i soon had that urge to create virtual worlds and express my creativity with it.
I began to teach myself game development. I was obsessed with the endless possibilities of game engines. I realised, that video games are the perfect medium for my art and passion for architecture.
In the last few years I created a handful of small games, joined a little development team, that formed after winning the dreamhack jam 2017. My involvement in the art/alt games niche began to grow more and I cemented a small, brutal community around my work.

2018 I released my first commercial game on steam. Fugue in Void - probably my most important personal work.

Ongoing i was part of many exhibitions around the globe and made it in the biannually WASD-Magazin.

2019 me and my work was nominated for the 2nd Humble New Talent Award at A MAZE. in Berlin.

In late 2019 i have founded my company "Moshe Linke Studio".

2020 - Working on Neon Entropy

2021 - Working on Neon Entropy

2022 - Still working on Neon Entropy 

What ?

I create small experimental indie games. Most of them focus heavily on neo-brutalist architecture and other more on contemporary experiments. I like to explore abstract ideas in concrete ways.
All of them are immersive audio visual experiences. Sound and music is very important to me and I really pay attention to creating the right atmosphere in my environments. The focus of my games is around their exploratory elements and to guide my players through a meaningful subjective experience. 

People love to explore and discover stuff in my worlds that challenge their expectations. I try to keep the experience simple and not distractive through conventional narratives - that's the reason why i tell my story through my environment. 

A fusion between art and games.

Contact or Hire Me

level design/architecture
art direction


environmental design


sound design


creating atmosphere

[email protected]